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Failure in Face-Off with Iran One Reason for Trump’s Defeat in Election: Rouhani
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Failure in Face-Off with Iran One Reason for Trump’s Defeat in Election: Rouhani

“Trump did not realize the capacities and realities of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s capabilities at all and acted on the basis of his illusions. The White House’s failure in confrontation with Iran after two and a half years of full-fledged economic war in addition to the failure of his international policies are the reasons behind Trump’s defeat in the recent elections in that country,” Rouhani said in a meeting of the Administration’s Economic Coordination Headquarters on Tuesday.
He said the Iranian nation’s resistance against the US sanctions, pressures and economic war proved remarkable facts to the world and ill-wishers.
“I advise all of those who seek to defeat Iran through measures like sanctions to drop such a wrong and failed policy at the museum of history forever,” he added.
Although the US sanctions caused harms to the livelihood of Iranian people, the warmongers that imposed sanctions and predicted a collapse of Iran’s economy in the short term are now leaving the White House, while Iran has emerged victorious in an unequal economic war, the president said.
The outgoing US administration returned the sanctions that the previous regime had lifted on Iran. Washington took the move in 2018 after leaving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a historic nuclear agreement that has mandated the sanction relief.

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